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Cooking without Fire - No Flame, No Fire Recipes

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“COOKING WITHOUT FIRE – No Flame, No Fire Recipes” is a delightful collection of easy to make dishes that require no cooking or heating. The repertoire ranges from Simple Salads, Scrumptious Sandwiches, Wraps and Rolls with a Twist, Small Bites, Savory Quickies & Finger Foods, Delectable Delights, Desserts and Sweet Treats, Smoothies and Shakes. The Recipes call for ingredients that are easily available at home and are quick and easy to prepare, besides being tasty, healthy and nutritious. Making these delicious treats would be a rewarding and entertaining past time for Kids and parents too. Making it the perfect opportunity for family bonding. These recipes are also useful when your child is participating in a Non-Fire Cooking Competition in school or in a Birthday Party Cooking Challenge Competition such as a Top Chef Cooking Party Game, etc. It would also be useful for a team event competition in office or at a Church Event. The options for using the recipes to make and enjoy these delicious treats in this book are endless.

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