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Delectable Kebabs And Simple Pilafs

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DELECTABLE KEBABS AND SIMPLE PILAFS Keeping in mind the present-day craze for “spicy food” and the growing awareness of Indian culture and its cuisine, this collection of recipes is compiled to showcase some simple lip-smacking, tongue-tickling and tantalizingly tasty Kebabs and Pilafs which have now become the rage all over the world. Delectable Kebabs and Simple Pilafs is a collection of simple and easy recipes of popular Indian Kebabs and Pilafs. It is a useful handbook for anyone who wants to prepare simple and tasty Kebabs and Pilafs. It tells you exactly what ingredients are needed and guides you step by step through the process, so that a tasty dish is ready in no time at all with the least amount of effort. Only easily available ingredients have been made use of. These kebabs could be prepared at an outdoor BBQ or grilled in the oven in your kitchen. It is my sincere hope that this book will prove both useful and easy to follow.

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