Serves 6   

Preparation Time 1 hour

1 Whole small dressed Turkey
¼ cup vinegar
3 teaspoons pepper powder
2 cups bread crumbs
2 teaspoons dried mint powder
2 eggs beaten
1 cup of boiled peas and carrot  
 ½ teaspoon grated lemon rind
½ cup oil   Salt to taste
Wash the turkey and rinse the insides well and keep aside.  Wash the liver, heart, gizzards and other edible internal parts of the turkey well.  Cook all these parts with a little water, salt and pepper powder till soft. Remove and chop into very tiny bits. This is known as the Turkey Giblets mince. Mix the cooked giblet mince with the eggs, bread crumbs, vinegar, mint powder lemon rind, salt and the boiled carrots and peas.
Now slit the turkey near the neck just above the chest and fill it well with the giblet mince mixture packing it firmly and tightly. When the turkey is stuffed well, close the opening Rub oil well all over the turkey. Place the stuffed turkey in a large vessel or pressure cooker and add sufficient water.  Cook till the turkey is tender. Keep simmering till all the water dries up and the turkey turns a lovely golden brown all over. (The stuffed turkey can also be roasted in an oven if desired).  Serve hot or cold with boiled vegetables and mash potatoes and Bread.
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