GOOD FRIDAY RICE CONGEE – Rice and Coconut Gruel


A simple Rice and Lentil Gruel or Porridge / Congee which is usually had as the afternoon meal by Christians on Good Friday mostly in South India. This gruel or congee is prepared with rice, coconut and lentils and should be of the consistency of thick soup. The rice and dal / lentils should be like pish-pash ie cooked very soft. It is eaten with either with coconut chutney, lime or mango pickle, papads, etc. Sometimes a little bit of sugar or jaggery is added for those who like a sweeter version.
1 cup Raw Rice
½ cup Moong Dhal / yellow lentils
¼ cup Sugar or Jaggery (optional)
½ cup grated cocoanut or 1 cup coconut milk
2 tablespoons raisins
A pinch of salt
Wash the rice and soak it for half an hour in a little water.
Dry roast the Moong Dhal lightly in a pan and take down.
Boil 3 cups of water and the salt in a pan and when boiling add the rice and the roasted Moong Dhal.
Cook on low heat till the rice and dhal are very soft.
Add the coconut, sugar/ jaggery and raisins and mix gently.
Cover and let it rest for around 10 minutes before serving.
The Congee should be of the consistency of thick soup.
Serve plain or with Coconut chutney / pickle etc
(Omit the sugar or jaggery if desired)

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