Radisson Blu Grt Chennai

I’ve just finished a culinary training session in Colonial Anglo-Indian Dishes for the chefs and staff at Radisson Blu GRT Chennai from 25th November to 30th November 2019 showcasing the culinary legacy of Anglo-Indian Cuisine concentrating more on popular dishes cooked and relished in Anglo-Indian Homes.

We recreated and brought to life forgotten foods and simple dishes of yore such as Ding Ding made with marinated pieces of Chicken and Yam, Grandma’s Country Captain and BoBo Curries, Hearty Stews and Broths with a dash of Wine, Devil Fries and Vindaloo, Rissoles and Potato Chops, Cheesy Bakes and Apple Crumble etc.

Also Conducted a Master Class in selected Anglo-Indian Dishes where the participants were part of the interactive and fun filled session.

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