2 kg beetroot                                

1 kg sugar

2 oranges (extract juice)              

4 tablespoons lime juice

3 litres water                                

A small piece of ginger

½ teaspoon yeast                          

6 cloves

Peel and wash the beetroot and cut into pieces. Soak the pieces in water for a couple of hours. Boil the beetroot in 3 litres water together with the ginger and cloves till the beetroot is soft. Mash well and allow to cool. Strain it and add the sugar, orange juice and limejuice. When cold pour into a stone jar. Spread the yeast on a slice of toasted bread and allow it to float in the liquid. Keep the jar closed for 14 days. Strain the wine into another vessel. Let it stand for a week then strain way the sediments and bottle.

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