I’ve just finished a culinary training session in Colonial Anglo-Indian Dishes for the chefs and staff at ‘Anglow’of the Collins Hospitality Group in Khan Market Delhi and curating a new Winter Menu for the Restaurant showcasing the culinary legacy of Anglo-Indian Cuisine concentrating more on popular dishes cooked and relished in Anglo-Indian Homes. We recreated and brought to life forgotten foods and simple dishes of yore such as Ding Ding made with marinated pieces of Duck, Hearty Stews and Broths with a dash of Wine, Devil Fries and Vindaloo, Rissoles and Potato Chops, Cheesy Bakes and Apple Crumble etc.
I wish to convey my sincere thanks to Mr Ajit Singh and Chef Michael Swamy for giving me this opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience. My thanks also to Chef Krishna Gupta, Chef Ranjit, Chef Shalini and all the other staff of Anglow for their co-operation and eagerness to learn and bring out these dishes exactly as I taught them. It was evident that the food was enjoyed and appreciated by the select guests at the Preview of the new Winter Menu last night. It was truly a memorable experience. I’m sure the staff will continue to bring out these Anglo-Indian Delicacies. I’m sad to bid goodbye to them.
‘Anglow’ is located in the heart of the legendary Khan Market, Delhi and is an Anglo-Indian themed Kitchen and Whiskey Bar. The ambience and decor are outstanding and perfect for any occasion. So do visit . You won’t be disappointed
Sharing a few memorable moments
Ajit Singh #Anglow

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